Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Plain Weave
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Twill Weave
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Plain Dutch Weave
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Twill Dutch Weave
stainless steel wire mesh Reverse plain dutch weave
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Reverse Twill Dutch Weave
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh five-heddle Weave
Stainless Steel Welded Mesh
Stainless Steel Super Wide Wire Mesh For Paper Making Industry
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Architectural type
Powder Coated Stainless Steel Security mesh
Hand Woven Stainless Steel Cable Mesh
Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Element
Plain Steel Wire mesh
Nickel Wire Mesh For Fuel Cell
Extruder Screen Packs
Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh
Brass Wire Cloth
Copper Wire Mesh
Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh
Crimped Weave Mesh
Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh

Quality Control

Hong Hui Pays much attention to quality management,we try to enhance quality of our products and service to meet requirements of different customers.In 2005,our quality Management system was certified to meet ISO9001:2000 Standard.
we strictly test raw material,includes tensile strength,the rate of knotting besicles,other physics chiamctes,but also test chemical ingredient accurete,and our quality control department have testing standards for incoming materials,these standards monitor the physical properties as well as the chemical composition of the raw material to ensure the quality standards of our finished products.
All finished products are inspected for defects before they leave our factory.our all inspectors are highly trained for comprehension of the established standards and are well versed in our quality inspection procedure.
Hong Hui is equipped with advanced testing instruments and equipment to guarantee the quality control of our products.