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Powder Coated Stainless Steel Security mesh

Powder Coated Stainless Steel Security mesh is a plain woven security screen with square holes fabricated from high tensile AISI316,AISI304 stainless steel wire, and the wires with black premium-grade powder coated for better corrosion-resistant have the high tensile strength more than 900 MPa. The wires are very strong and not sliding in the mesh screen.
Stainless steel security mesh for anti-theft security window and door screen, allowing greater visibility and airflow, offers superior strength and security. That means you are placing a strong guarding on your house or office - you are safe.
Stainless steel security screen meets Australian standards, and through the following test: dynamic impact test, neutral salt spray test, knife shear test, fire test, swimming pool safety.
Stainless steel mesh characteristic:

  1. Maximum strength and durability.

  2. 0.80 mm high tensile wire (tension strength>/= 900 MPa) and 1.5 mm × 1.5 mm hole size, allowing greater visibility and air flow through the screen, making it a security insect screen.

  3. Black epoxy coated makes better corrosion resistant.

  4. Equal aperture and transparent, enjoy clear unobstructed views.

  5. Security Screen filters up to 60% of harmful UV rays.

  6. Meets the Australian Standard AS5039-2008.

  7. 10 years warranty.

Specification size:

Material: stainless steel grade 304.
Wire diameter: 0.90 mm.
Mesh hole opening: 11 mesh × 11 mesh.
Surface treatment: black powder coated.. 
Color: only black color.
Standard size: width 750/900/1200/1500 mm × length 2000/2400/3000 mm.
Guarantee: ten years.
Other mesh sizes available according to customers' need, but not in stock: 
10 mesh × 0.9 mm, 10 mesh × 1.2 mm, 12 mesh × 0.8 mm, 12 mesh × 0.7 mm, 14 mesh × 0.7 mm, 14 mesh × 0.6 mm.
Package: 5 pieces in one carton box, then 10 carton boxes in one wooden case; or 25/50 pieces per wooden case.

Material: 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Wire.
0.8 mm wire diameter, 11 mesh × 11 mesh, mesh opening 1.5 mm × 1.5 mm.
Finish: black polyester coated (engineered corrosion and moisture resistant). 
Other available sizes: 14 mesh × 0.5 mm, 14 mesh × 0.6 mm, 12 mesh × 0.7 mm, 10 mesh × 0.9 mm, 8 mesh × 1.0 mm. 
Security screen panel width: 750 mm, 900 mm,1200 mm, 1500 mm.
Panel length: 2000 mm, 2400 mm, 3000 mm.
Packing: 25 pcs or 50 pcs per wooden box; with a piece of water proof paper between two pieces of screens, then in carton/wooden box/pallet.